Sunday Schedule and Adult Forum

The Adult Forum is held between morning services every Sunday at 9:15 am in the Fireside Lounge.


Christianity for the Rest of Us

For the next several Sundays we will be having a book study on Diana Butler Bass' book Christianity for the Rest of Us. Many from Calvary attended a workshop to discuss congregational transformation and vitality. It is not necessary to have read the book to profit from our discussion. 


April Forums

April 3rd at 9:15 am – Eric Larsen will share his 15 years  of  experience with nuisance abatement and how churches, businesses  and institutions  can avoid becoming an attractive nuisance in a downtown urban context.  April 3rd is also First Sunday when we join the choir and rehearse the music for  the day.  Rehearsal with the choir begins at 10:00 am which will mean a shortened Adult Forum.


April 10th at 9:15 am– COPA representatives will interact with Calvary parishioners to discuss our new role as an institutional member of COPA.  COPA is an broad based community organization that promotes social justice and strong institutional relationships other churches, synagogues  and community organizations..


April 17th is Palm Sunday and there will not be an Adult Forum


April 24th is Easter and there will not be an Adult Forum.

March Forums

With the Adult Forum on Feb. 27th, we have ended the Marcus Borg series, and so, we will move now in a different direction.


Mar. 6th, there will be no Adult Forum, but we will join the Choir at 10:00 a.m. and rehearse with them before the service begins.


Mar. 13th:  Bishop Shalita will be with us on to preach and celebrate. We are inviting him to participate in our Adult Forum between services.


March 20th:  The Rev. Donald Schell, one of the two founders of St. Gregory’s, San Francisco, will join us. He has faced the challenges of building a congregation in a downtown community affected by poverty, homelessness, and shifting cultural values, much as Calvary has. Perhaps he can give us some valuable insights to our own condition.


March 27th: Joaquin Sanchez from COPA will discuss at the adult forum how we envision our involvement with COPA.

January Forums

This month we will begin with discussions of new ways of thinking about Epiphany and our faith, first with the Rev. John Buenz and followed in the coming weeks by a series of recorded conversations with author and Bible scholar Marcus Borg.


January 2: Discussion of the lections for the Christmas season.


January 9: Father Buenz on The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why. Thirty years ago, Fr. Buenz began to notice underlying changes in North American Christianity; he sensed they could become as radical as the Protestant Reformation. As the changes became more widely described, such as in Historian-Episcopalian Phyllis Tickle’s recent book, The Great Emergence, there appears to be a “rummage sale” of ideas – as she calls it – influencing western culture and driving the changes Father Buenz was noticing. This forum will help us begin to understand these changes and see how the Church might respond to them constructively.


January 16. We will begin the Marcus Borg forum on Embracing an Adult Faith with a discussion of the first of Christianity’s most fundamental questions: Who is God? Following sessions will include: Jesus, Salvation, Community, and Practice of contemporary Christian faith. These sessions will continue through Epiphany as time and schedules of visiting presenters permit.


January 23. No forum: Parish Annual Meeting.


January 30. Embracing an Adult Faith with Marcus Borg continues.

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November Forums

We have scheduled several special Adult Forums for November, intended to increase understanding church and community activities, and to help develop a stronger foundation of knowledge and faith to move more confidently ahead in these challenging times. 

November 7: The Rev. Peggy Bryan will discuss insights developed through experience as a seminarian and deacon and now as a practicing priest. 


November 14: Joaquin Sanchez from COPA will discuss the benefits of "community organizing" for our church. COPA is a community organization. Their acronym stands for Communities Organized for Relational Power in Action, and represents both Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. COPA promotes justice in the community and brings local churches, synagogues and institutions together who share common interests. 

November 21: An update from the Vestry with a focus on our "Investing in Grace" Campaign. In January, we are looking forward to having the Rev. John Buenz lead a forum on The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why. Fr. Buenz is currently working with the Diocesan Committee on Congregational Vitality and Growth and is eager to present his current views on what is happening to our world. 


November 28: Quarterly Forum with the Vestry to hear first-hand issues being considered at Vestry Meetings. As we consider upcoming Adult Forums, please let us know if you have any particular interests or concerns regarding the spiritual growth of parishioners, ways to support each other and to fulfill the mission of our church to ourselves, our community and the world.

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