Clothes Closet

On the second Thursday of each month, Calvary provides clean clothing to people who need it. Men's and women's clothes are available, as are blankets, sleeping bags and socks.

Contact: Win Guthrie

Donations needed!

The Clothes Closet pleads for generous donations of blankets, towels, warm clothing, and men's socks. We continue to run out of these items and disappoint many of our clients. Winter is still with us and the despair we see on the many faces who leave empty-handed is heartrending. Thank you and God bless you for your generosity.

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Clothes Closet needs clothes!

We ask again for your help in providing clothing every month for the needy. Wintertime is especially difficult for those who come to Calvary for help for themselves and their families.

Warm clothing for both men and women, such as sweaters, jackets, and socks, as well as blankets and sleeping bags are especially welcome, and we see an increased need for children's clothing. Thank you for your generosity and know that those who come to the Clothes Closet hoping to find help in surviving in the rain and cold will be thanking you also. This month, the clothes closet is also offering a gift table; gifts that clients can give to others. Please donate any extra gift items for their use, unwrapped.


Volunteers are needed to help Win Guthrie sort clothing before each clothes closet opens.


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