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Warden's Report - Fall 2013

Summer is once again slipping pleasantly from our future to our past. At Calvary we are looking forward to autumn and Advent. While most of the focus and efforts of our parish leadership and committees are concerned with immediate needs, there are some that are looking ahead to the future of our parish, in particular the 150th Anniversary and Capital Campaign, the Committee on Growth, and Buildings and Grounds.


There are threads that weave together the activities of these future-oriented committees. The Committee on Growth points us to the #1 future goal for our parish - growing the number of people who come to Calvary to find a spiritual home and to serve God in our community. This goal ties in nicely with the 150th Anniversary activities since they provide an excellent opportunity to invite our community into Calvary to see the strong historical connection between our parish and Santa Cruz as well as the cultural, intellectual, worship and service opportunities Calvary has to offer.


In the autumn we will be seeking advice from the parish on ideas and priorities for the 150th  Anniversary and Capital Campaign -- please help us by joining parish gatherings to discuss the 150th. Buildings and Grounds activities are both a current and future avenue toward promoting the growth of our parish. More than one person has seen the interior of our church and realized in a moment that Calvary was their church home. We are widely known as the cute ‘little red church.’


The next step is to maintain and enhance our little red church as a place where Santa Cruz citizens can find God in their spiritual life and serve Him. One example of making our parish more attractive to young families is to make the Sunday School a more inviting and beautiful place where parents and children are comfortable and inspired. Work on the Sunday School is progressing and efforts are planned for our next parish work day on the third Saturday morning of September (the 21st).
Please take advantage of the autumn and Advent activities at Calvary to honor our past, participate in the present and plan our future.


Respectfully submitted, Your Wardens,
Liz Wesolowski and John Vesecky

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Senior Warden's Report - February 2013


Senior Warden Report 

from Outgoing Senior Warden Cathy Watson


As I’ve been thinking about writing my final Senior Warden report, I’ve been asking myself what I value most about the past three years. I’ve certainly enjoyed working with Fr. Joel. He is endlessly optimistic, easy to talk to, and his enthusiasm for what the church can accomplish is inspiring. I also very much appreciate my fellow officers: Junior Warden Al Reetz who has been a great support, a tireless worker and can always be counted on, Clerk Scott Galloway upon whom I can rely to get the details of our meetings correctly communicated in the minutes, and upon whom I also rely to correct me on parliamentary details, and Treasurer Patrick Dexter who gives us a straightforward and realistic analysis of our financial situation at any point in time. Beyond these obvious roles, all four, along with former Treasurer David Folsom-Jones, have served me as veritable founts of wisdom and our bi-monthly Executive Committee meetings have been high points – always friendly, sometimes contentious, and never lacking in laughter.


I will miss working with all my fellow officers as the team we’ve been the past three years, but I know that I will work with and enjoy the company of each of them in other capacities in the upcoming years. Indeed, as I think about what I’ve valued most about my tenure as Senior Warden, the single thing that keeps coming to mind is a word that has often been used in my reports: community.


I have a different view of what constitutes a church community now than I did three years ago. At that time, I had just spent a couple of years keeping a low profile around the church. I felt disconnected. Many, indeed most, of the people I thought of as “my” community had drifted away during our long interim period between settled priests. I didn’t know if I really had a place at Calvary anymore. Well, one job that will certainly give a person a place in the community is Senior Warden! I quickly got to know and appreciate people like Chris Perrin, Sally Green, Melinda Martin, and Richard Enriquez (and there are many others) who, while I had been on a semi-hiatus, had become involved and committed members.


But rather than seeing these new friends as “my” new community, I began to recognize a different sort of community, one that is more fluid and based not on the makeup of its current membership but based on a commonality of purpose, to seek and serve Christ. I’m struck by these words in the description of the upcoming workshop sponsored by the Progressive Christian Forum of Santa Cruz (of which Calvary is a member) church that is “Jesus-centered rather than tradition-centered, and calls for deep involvement by followers rather than marginal participation by members.”


I believe that we have that “deep involvement by followers” here at Calvary and I believe that our community will continue to flourish. I’ve been gratified by the strength of our committees and the enthusiastic support of house meetings and Living the Questions seminars over the past three years, and know that we will continue to be an active and strongly involved parish. And, rather than seeing myself as inhabiting a small corner of this community that I call “mine”, I now see myself as one little drop in a flowing river. That flowing water includes friends I’ve treasured for many years and those I’ve just begun to get to know, as well as those who have drifted away and that I miss deeply. Individuals will come and go, rectors will serve longer or shorter terms, but the Calvary community as a living stream will continue. I feel so blessed to know that I am irrevocably a part of it!

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Watson
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Senior Warden Report - March 2012

At this February Vestry meeting we will be welcoming our new Vestry members, as we do every February. This year’s new members are Betsy Philips, Ian MacKay, Josh Reinke, and Victoria Cantor. We have a short agenda for this February meeting as we start into the new year, partially due to the fact that our Vestry Planning Day will be on February 26th, and we’ll be using that time to focus on the underlying structure of Vestry, including the make-up of our committees, Vestry norms, and taking a closer look at the Mutual Ministry Report we began last January. These discussions will point us in the direction of what actions we see ourselves taking in 2012. 


Action seems to me to be an operative word right now at Calvary. COG will be launching a series of forum discussions, also on February 26th, during which the entire parish will have the opportunity to talk about how to turn the corporate values we discerned during the house meetings last fall into action. How do we interpret our values in terms of what we do as a church? What activities are we doing now that we feel accurately reflect our values? What new activities can we envision as a result of our values discernment? I anticipate that the discussion we have as a Vestry during our planning meeting will influence the discussions we have as a parish during the forums and vice-versa, and I strongly encourage all Vestry members to attend the forums to participate and to listen. 


One other thought on action: sometimes we can overdo it! The phenomenon of parishioner burn-out was discussed at the latest Outreach Committee meeting, and it was commented that it’s important for us to learn to spread out the tasks needing doing so as not to overload any particular individual. It’s awfully easy to over-rely on parishioners who are already active. Some questions we can ask at our planning meeting may be, “How do we involve more people in all the activities we currently have going on at Calvary? How do we spread the wealth of being a part of something worthwhile? How do we grow as a church so we can expand our good works?” I know this is a question that our Junior Warden  Al Reetz is particularly concerned with, and maybe it’s time to take some action on this front! 


Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Watson
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Junior Warden Report - March 2012

As we begin the new year of Vestry activities we welcome four new Vestry members on the three year rotation prescribed in our bylaws. With this change, I began reflecting on my role on the Vestry. One “hat” a Jr. Warden wears as I understand it, is to serve as the “peoples warden”.


My interaction with members of the congregation has been most enjoyable, if not fully successful. Most everything shared of late is highly positive, however at times, I find myself wishing I could always ameliorate issues with promptness. That having been said, please continue to use me, the people’s warden, as a sounding board via conversation, telephone or email. Our greatest resource may well be the Holy Spirit moving among us and causing us to be warm and welcoming with each other and with visitors. This was clearly in evidence this past weekend in the Lenten Bible Study, the successful Adult Forum on our future as a church body and during our Vestry Retreat.


If we continue to personify the love, generosity and tolerance of Christ and remaining open to each other and our community, I trust our future will hold unlimited blessings in terms of what God calls us to do. With prayers, yours and mine, we will achieve God’s will. An additional thought, I don’t mean to infer that I have a substantial understanding of this Holy Spirit/God connection; it’s a journey of learning.


A word about our relationship with COPA and related activities. On February 8th, eight members of our COPA Core Team convened with Annie Willis, in a significant organizational meeting. After hearing a report on the two day COPA Conference for Clergy, called by Bishop Mary and attended by Fr. Joel, we proceeded as is typical of COPA meetings, with a high level of participant contribution as we discussed our reasons for joining COPA, the history of Calvary COPA activities since late 2010 and a discussion concerning our hopes for our future with COPA. We observed that the skills taught by COPA during the past year have greatly helped us in our recent discernment process.


Future Calvary COPA meetings were scheduled for the first Sunday every other month at 4 PM beginning on March 4. These meetings under the leadership of Annie Willis directly involve the COPA Core Team and are open to new team members and all interested. Please mark your calendars.


Respectfully submitted,

Al Reetz

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Vestry Meeting Minutes - May 2011

A meeting of the Vestry of Calvary Episcopal Church was held at 7:00 PM on Thursday, May 19, 2011. The following actions were taken:


The Vestry Minutes of April 14, 2011 were approved.


The parish continues to experience a shortfall in income. Pledge income is running $7,476 behind projections, and Use of Church income is running $5,161 behind projections. Outreach income is running $4,987 behind projections. Specific remedial actions are being taken. These actions include instituting mechanisms to advertise the availability of our parish hall through the Internet and in other ways, promoting the SCRIP program, reducing the size of the meals served at the Monday Night Coffee House, seeking new grant sources for funding of our outreach ministries, a call for additional pledge income by members of the Stewardship Committee, and holding fundraising events for these programs like the upcoming “Gin Sing” on Friday May 20, 2011.


Four workshops are scheduled with Communities Organized for Relational Power in Action (COPA) to train Calvary members for COPA leadership roles. These training sessions are Sunday, June 5th - 3 to 5pm; Sunday, June 12th - 3 to 5pm; Saturday, June 18th - 10 am to 12pm; and Sunday, June 26th - 3 to 5 pm in the parish hall. All Calvary members who are interested in leadership training are encouraged to attend these four sessions. Those interested in participating will be asked to attend all four sessions.


The proposal by the "Committee for Growth in a Changing World" (COG) has been developed more fully. This proposal specifies a discernment process to redefine the mission statement of the parish. The Diana Butler Bass book, Christianity for the Rest of Us offers focused study questions to guide readers, which will be important in this process. Twenty-one members of the parish attended the Diocesan workshop on May 14, 2011 in Salinas conducted by Diana Butler Bass. Fr. John Buenz will be meeting with the COG on June 7, 2011 and will lead the parish-wide kick-off event on September 11, 2011.


Worship surveys are being analyzed by the Worship Committee at their upcoming meeting at 3:00 PM on Friday May 20, 2011. All members of the parish are encouraged to complete and return a survey form. Survey forms are available in the narthex or at the parish office.


At the next Vestry meeting of June 16, 2011, the Vestry will approve the minutes of the Vestry meeting of May 19. 2011, adopt the Financial Report for May 2011, review the Financial Reports for May, discuss the ongoing COPA Training sessions; receive a status report on the COG discernment process, and receive the reports of the various parish committees.


Scott Galloway, Clerk



The Rev. Joel P. Miller, Rector

Richard Enriquez, Class of 2014

Scott Galloway, Clerk, Class of 2013

Sally Green, Class of 2012

Melinda Martin, Class of 2012

Ola Monaghan, Class of 2013

Tony Nickel, Class of 2012

Penny Oliver, Class of 2012

Chris Perrin, Class of 2014

Sarah Peterson, Class of 2013

Al Reetz, Jr. Warden, Class of 2013

John Vesecky, Class of 2014

Cathy Watson, Sr. Warden, Class of 2014

Eddie Cepeda, Treasurer, Non-Vestry Member

Joshua Reinke, Youth Vestry Member

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