Senior Warden's Report - February 2013


Senior Warden Report 

from Outgoing Senior Warden Cathy Watson


As I’ve been thinking about writing my final Senior Warden report, I’ve been asking myself what I value most about the past three years. I’ve certainly enjoyed working with Fr. Joel. He is endlessly optimistic, easy to talk to, and his enthusiasm for what the church can accomplish is inspiring. I also very much appreciate my fellow officers: Junior Warden Al Reetz who has been a great support, a tireless worker and can always be counted on, Clerk Scott Galloway upon whom I can rely to get the details of our meetings correctly communicated in the minutes, and upon whom I also rely to correct me on parliamentary details, and Treasurer Patrick Dexter who gives us a straightforward and realistic analysis of our financial situation at any point in time. Beyond these obvious roles, all four, along with former Treasurer David Folsom-Jones, have served me as veritable founts of wisdom and our bi-monthly Executive Committee meetings have been high points – always friendly, sometimes contentious, and never lacking in laughter.


I will miss working with all my fellow officers as the team we’ve been the past three years, but I know that I will work with and enjoy the company of each of them in other capacities in the upcoming years. Indeed, as I think about what I’ve valued most about my tenure as Senior Warden, the single thing that keeps coming to mind is a word that has often been used in my reports: community.


I have a different view of what constitutes a church community now than I did three years ago. At that time, I had just spent a couple of years keeping a low profile around the church. I felt disconnected. Many, indeed most, of the people I thought of as “my” community had drifted away during our long interim period between settled priests. I didn’t know if I really had a place at Calvary anymore. Well, one job that will certainly give a person a place in the community is Senior Warden! I quickly got to know and appreciate people like Chris Perrin, Sally Green, Melinda Martin, and Richard Enriquez (and there are many others) who, while I had been on a semi-hiatus, had become involved and committed members.


But rather than seeing these new friends as “my” new community, I began to recognize a different sort of community, one that is more fluid and based not on the makeup of its current membership but based on a commonality of purpose, to seek and serve Christ. I’m struck by these words in the description of the upcoming workshop sponsored by the Progressive Christian Forum of Santa Cruz (of which Calvary is a member) church that is “Jesus-centered rather than tradition-centered, and calls for deep involvement by followers rather than marginal participation by members.”


I believe that we have that “deep involvement by followers” here at Calvary and I believe that our community will continue to flourish. I’ve been gratified by the strength of our committees and the enthusiastic support of house meetings and Living the Questions seminars over the past three years, and know that we will continue to be an active and strongly involved parish. And, rather than seeing myself as inhabiting a small corner of this community that I call “mine”, I now see myself as one little drop in a flowing river. That flowing water includes friends I’ve treasured for many years and those I’ve just begun to get to know, as well as those who have drifted away and that I miss deeply. Individuals will come and go, rectors will serve longer or shorter terms, but the Calvary community as a living stream will continue. I feel so blessed to know that I am irrevocably a part of it!

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Watson
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