News from the Pews
News From the Pews - December 2013
On All Saints Sunday photos and mementoes of the beloved departed were placed on a table in the Narthex. We remembered and celebrated the lives of those who have passed on. The service began with a choreographed procession with Arianne Pierre and Savannah Smith in the aisles. In the morning there were services of Holy Eucharist and at 7:00 pm there was a Choral Evensong in which the names of the beloved departed was read.
Renovations to the Calvary Sunday School Room the Building and Grounds Committee continues with renovations to the Sunday School Room on Saturdays. The floor was stripped and waxed, walls have been scrubbed and broken chairs have been discarded. The old dilapidated curtain was removed and painting and new cupboards will replace old worn-out furnishings.  



care Students from the UCSC “CARe” initiative visited the Monday Night Coffeehouse recently. Georgana Mishkova and the CARe students offered haircuts, and pedicures for our guests. CARe is about “Community Aid and Resources”, a group of students devoted to providing free health services and advocacy for the underserved people of Santa Cruz County.



Repairs to the broken stained-glass window are complete. Susan Wagner cured the new glass in her kiln and then placed it into leaded frames that were removed for repairs for over a month. Calvary’s liability insurance covered the cost of repairs -- nice to know that our insurance policy is working.




Greetings and an Update from the Calvary Youth Ministry.

sunday_school_bakingOn behalf of the Calvary Youth Ministry, I wish to give thanks all around. We are very grateful for the work that is being done in the Youth Chapel under the dedication and guidance of Jr. Warden, John Vesecky. The torn room divider and the old gas wall heater have been removed in preparation for repainting of walls and the cleaning and waxing of the floors. Thank you to Erin Duncan, our Youth Ministry director, for spearheading this much needed project. Thank you, also, to Alan Allen for fixing the church sign on Cedar Street to correctly state that Sunday School occurs at 10:30 AM each Sunday. 


Thanks to Tobias Miller and Savannah Smith, who alternately serve as our devoted assistants during Sunday School. Thanks to Christina Miller and Nancy Gere for teaching, to Grace Davis for all she does for us as our Vestry support person. Thanks to Elizabeth Chandler for her plethora of art ideas and materials.



We happily announce that our very own playwright, Dana Bagshaw, is writing and directing this

year’s pageant which will take place at the Christmas Eve/Evening Prayer service. Meanwhile,
Murray Walker is teaching some of our children to sing (in Swedish, no less) at the Santa Lucia
service on December 15. Thank you, Dana and Murray.


Thanks to Fr. Joel for keeping youth ministry as one of the central issues of our church and to all the Calvary people for their continuing and much felt loving support, to all the individuals who have been there for us in so many touching ways. Thanks, of course, to our children and their wonderful parents. Thank you, God! We are so blessed!
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Fundraising Committee Report

Fundraising Committee Report by Richard Enriquez

The final numbers for 2012 have come in and I couldn't be happier. I want to begin this month's Crossroads by thanking everyone who has participated in the Calvary Scrip program. Because of your participation, Calvary Episcopal Church saw over $2400 added to the general fund. This amount is greater than the $1900 raised in 2011. It appears that the word is getting out how easy it is to use Scrip for your everyday purchases.

I thought for this issue we could do a "Best of 2012" roundup. Keep in mind that our Scrip program has over 500 participating merchants available and we stock over 40 of these for your convenience. Here are your top picks in 7 categories for 2012:

Grocery Stores: Safeway and Staff of Life
Gas Station: Chevron
Online Merchant: Amazon
Department Stores: Target and Ross Dress for Less
Specialty Stores: Home Depot and CVS
Entertainment: Regal Cinemas
Easy Dining: Chipotle and Papa Murphy's Pizza.

I am always interested in hearing what stores you would like our Scrip Program to carry for you. I encourage everyone to contact me after the 10:30 a.m. service on Sunday or pick up a complete list of participating merchants from Nicole in the office. Remember, shopping with Scrip is EASY and there is no cost to you to participate. I look forward to serving you in 2013.

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News from the Pews - March 2012

56 pancake dinners were served at the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on February 21st. Father Joel initiated the talent show with a slightly improved rendition of the same repertoire that he has performed on his guitar for the past five years. This broke the ice for jokes from Barry Phillips and John Vesecky. John Martin regaled us with songs by John Denver and Bob Dylan. Orville Canter was the newly discovered talent of the evening with his complex chord progression and arpeggio on the guitar. John Vesecky threatened to bring his ukulele next year.


Lots of fun, fellowship and food at Bingo Night on February 16th. A record number of gamers were present. Calvary parishioners were winners of some of the bigger games: Lucky Seven, Texas T and, Black Out. 



Prayers for The Great Litany were offered twice at Holy Eucharist on February 26th, once during Sunday School and once at the Monday Night Coffeehouse. The young people wrote their own supplications and prayers which included: “Help us to share our stuff with others:” “End war;” and “Help the poor” the response to each prayer was “Savior hear us!” About 25 people from the Monday Night Coffeehouse precessed around the church and city parking lot using the Elizabethan form of the Great Litany with an enthusiastic response to each petition: “Lord we beseech thee to hear us!” 


The Reverend Cathy Crow spoke at ECW on February 24th to a well attended luncheon. Cathy spoke on women of the early Church and was well received. Her talk complemented nicely a presentation made by Sarah Peterson last year at which she reflected on the lives of women in the Bible.


The Pilot Shelter Program at Calvary Church officially began on February13th. Monitors were trained and mattresses were procured. However, there were no guests forthcoming, due to a delay in the vetting process at the Homeless Service Center. We do have guests slated for March 5th with the Vestry also acknowledging the vetting of persons at the Monday Night Coffeehouse as also qualifying to stay at the shelter. 


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News from the Pews - June 2011



ECW Diocesan Luncheon: Sally Green was honored as Woman of the Year from Calvary Episcopal Church, and all enjoyed a luncheon menu prepared by the ECW ladies.  Proceeds went toward supporting the UTO Thanksgiving offerings.   This year some of the money raised went to purchase a four-wheel vehicle for the Diocese of Western Tanganika, our sister diocese to the Diocese of El Camino Real.



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News From the Pews - April 2010

The Jesus Seminar March 4-5 was attended by over 125 people.  Those in attendance joined the in the scholarly quest for the historical Jesus at First Congregational Church on High Street. Twelve from Calvary Church were in attendance at the two day seminar.  Both Dr. Thomas Sheehan form Stanford University and Dr. Brandon Scott from Phillip’s University in Tulsa presented evidence of an historical Jesus with a passion for social justice.


Shrove Tuesday:  March 8th was Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, for those who want the literal translation of the French.  At Calvary Church we enjoyed buttery pancakes and sausage, and were entertained by several Calvary musicians before we began our Lenten observance on Ash Wednesday, the next day.  Thanks to Tom and Cathy Watson’s generous donation of food and talent.  We raised $330 from the proceeds of the Shrove Tuesday dinner. 66 dinners were served.


Ash Wednesday we commenced the observance of Lent with the imposition of ashes and Holy Communion.  Interestingly of the 66 who ate pancakes the night before only 58 came for the imposition of ashes.  Who are those Mardi Gras celebrants that aren’t observing Lent?


First Sunday of Lent, March 13, Bishop Ernest Shalita from Uganda preached at both services of Holy Eucharist.  Bishop Shalita is the retired bishop of Mahubura, Uganda and was the dean of the Cathedral in Kampala during the reign of Idi Amin.  He shared about the persecution of the church in Uganda during his ministry and particularly of the assassination of Archbishop Luwum by Idi Amin.  His autobiography is available in the church office for $15.


The Te Deum Concert was well attended on March 27.  The choir preformed an   arrangement of the Te Deum by Edward Elgar and by Henry Purcell.  Joel P. Rogers preformed a selection by William Matthias on the organ.  A reception followed.


Ski Trip March 18-20. Lots of driving -- over 20 hours. Lots of Junior High humor – a van load of eight Jr. High boys.  Molly Hanson was spared the boys comradeship and humor, as she along with her parents traveled in another car. Christina and  Rebecca Miller also journeyed in another car along with Robert Heinvetter. Unfortunately there was no skiing or snow boarding this weekend.  Highway 80 was closed from an accident on Friday night and blocked by bad weather on Saturday morning. We made a valiant effort to drive to Homewood, but were forced to turn back.  However, we did have Evening Prayer on the top of Highway 17 before coming back to church on Saturday night.


Shadowbrook Restaurant fundraising endeavor was supported by 31 Lenten diners.  Yes, we are allowed to eat during the Lenten fast. Our Shadowbrook dining did not violate the canons for Lent.  We are anticipating more than $500 in revenues from the event.


Mark, Erin and Samantha Duncan were displaced by the huge rock and mudslide near their house. Unable to drive on the road leading to their home, they have taken refuge at Mark’s sister’s home in Santa Barbara until repairs are made to the road.


Luis Moro, Caryn Machado’s husband and Julian’s stepdad was recognized for his gourmet chocolate in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


The Reverend Donald Schell, March 20 preached and celebrated at both services of Holy Eucharist.  Father Schell is one of the founding rectors at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco.  Father Schell engaged the Adult Forum in a lively and profitable discussion of church growth in a changing world.


Stats from the Pews

Includes Saturday evening and Sunday services of Holy Eucharists and Offices of Prayer


*Average Sunday Attendance and Revenues for February 2010 and 2011


Average Sunday Attendance, February 2011 –  92

Average Sunday Attendance, February 2010 –  97

Revenues, February 2011   – $ 22,148.00

Revenues, February 2010 – $ 19,214.00

Expenses, February 2011 – $ 24,935.00

Expenses, February 2010 – $ 24,148.00

Budgeted Revenues February 2011 -  $ 23,771.00

Budgeted Revenues, February 2010 – $ 24,151.00

Budgeted Expenses, February 2011 – $ 25,111.00

Budgeted Expenses, February 2010 – $ 24,191.00

Year to Date Revenues 2011 – $ 42,247.00

Year to Date Revenues 2010 – $ 43,840.00

Year to Date Expenses 2011 – $ 48,745.00

Year to Date Expenses 2010 – $  49,279.00

**Actual Year-to-Date Income/Expense Balance 2011 – $  - (6,4.98.00)

Actual Year-to-Date Income/Expense Balance 2010 –

$  -  (5,439.00)

**Projected Year-to-Date Income/Expense Balance 2011 – $  - (6,228.00)

Projected Year-to-Date Income/Expense Balance 2010 – $  -  (7,451.00)


*Attendance and revenue numbers are given for the month preceding the previous month in the Crossroads because balance sheets for the previous month are not available until after the Crossroads is published.